Author: <span>Hasan Servet Öktem</span>

Mali – Against All the West

Mali eventually confronted the whole world, except Russia and China We have all watched together as the anti-French sentiment, which recurred after the military coup in Mali in the summer of 2020, turned into a general anti-Western sentiment within two […]


Kosovo-Serbia tensions have had enough

Almost 3 months have passed since our article of March 14, 2023 titled “European Union steps up efforts to overcome Kosovo-Serbia intransigence”. Unfortunately, it is still not possible to talk about a reconciliation between the parties. On the contrary, we […]


Milo’s Montenegro

Milo Djukanovic, the Political Sycamore of the Balkans, Finally Dies   Montenegro is a charming, small, mountainous country known for its resort cities on the Adriatic Sea coast. When we look at the recent political history of this Balkan country […]