APM aims to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of geographical position that Turkey is located in, as well as the opportunities and risks for the country in order to develop new ideas, perspectives and strategies for the decision makers. It aims to support the pursuit of peace and democracy by establishing cooperation between civil society actors at national and international levels. APM cooperates with national and international institutions and organizations that share its goals and principles, supports existing collaborations and provides coordination when necessary.

It supports the development of cultural, social, political communication strategies and performing strategic communication activities in Turkey’s bilateral, regional and multilateral relations. APM organizes informative meetings, brainstorms, seminars, panels and conferences on regional and global issues that are related to or concerned by Turkey. In this context, mutual flow of information provided by APM, will enable Turkey to open channels of communication with the world and allows the transmission of messages it deems useful, helping to develop the strategic communications.

APM helps to produce information and analysis of it. APM produces the information that society needs, selects and analyzes the information needed within the existing loads of information. APM shares information and analysis products that will benefit the society with print and digital media channels.

APM provides consultancy services within the framework of the expertise of its experts. Within this framework, APM provides regular verbal information and regular written reports to public institutions, the public, non-governmental organizations, trade unions and the business world. It provides consultancy services in the form of seminars and conferences. APM organizes scientific and professional conferences, seminars and workshops at national and international level. APM provides assistance to educational services. APM provides education to institutions and organizations in the fields of politics, international politics, economics, law, social sciences and security. Supports project planning, implementation and management.