The internship program is carried out by considering the interests of the interns and the time they can allocate for research activities. During the internship, the participants carry out various studies in the research areas determined by APM.


Participants do their internships under the subject headings determined by APM, under the supervision of the experts of the relevant region, country or subject. In determining the subject headings, the expectations of APM and the feasibility of the subject are as important as the interest of the interns.


Qualifications Required for Internship Applicants:

  • Priority is given to students studying in undergraduate (2nd / 3rd / 4th grade) and graduate programs of international relations, political science, sociology, economics, law, history, philosophy, modern languages and translation and interpreting departments.
  • Very good knowledge of English (Speaking and Writing) and the capacity to watch news and comments in regional languages are the reasons for preference.
  • Research and report skills; Collaborative ability in organizing APM events; High motivation, work discipline and commitment; Enhanced ability to work independently; Flexibility in intercultural dialogue;Willingness to assist in all areas of daily work.
  • Applicants are expected to spend no less than one full day or two half days at APM.
  • In order to be accepted to APM internship, it is required not to smoke, be attentive to daily garments, comply with the in-house responsibilities and necessary cleaning rules at APM.
  • No fees are charged from applicants or those accepted for internship.
  • APM internship is based on volunteerism. No wages will be provided during the internship.
  • There is no preference by APM regarding the applicant’s gender, nationality, religion or sect.
  • Due to the high demand, only a part of the applications can be accepted.
  • APM cannot provide any accommodation or accommodation opportunities for interns.
  • APM will not provide health insurance during theinternship for foreign nor local interns. We recommend such arrangements be done ahead of residence in Turkey for foreign Interns. We recommend that a health insurance contract be done in advance; in case of any accident that covers the duration of your stay.
  • The standard internship period is three months. Only in exceptional cases will it be considered to extend or shorten the duration of the internship.
  • The intern will submit a two-page report evaluating the internship within two weeks of the end of the internship.
  • “APM Internship Certificate” is given to those who successfully complete their internship.



Opportunities Offered to Interns:

  • Joining the APM family.
  • Analysis writing on APM web page.
  • Very good working conditions at APM. Utilization of APM office and APM digital infrastructure. Teaching and usage of digital infrastructure.
  • Access to events organized by APM which are related with the mission and fields covered by APM within borders of Turkey and abroad.
  • Contacts with the APM partners on local and international levels
  • APM is an institution that instills specialization on foreign policy and democratic citizenship awareness. It is not an educational institution. APM will try to adapt the interns to their daily work routine and to give work discipline.



Documents Required During Application:

  • Resume (CV)
  • Letter of intent (The letter of intent should include details such as for what purposes the time at APM is intended to be used, what kind of expectations candidate has in terms of personal development, in which research areas candidate wants to be employed.)
  • An analytical review of 800-1000 words on international relations, political, social and economic issues or agenda.(Participants will be deemed to have accepted that their work will be published in the Young APM section on the APM website and in case of any copyright issue related to second or a third party, the responsibility belongs to them.
  • Submission of documents, reference letters, transcripts and experience certificates regarding foreign language knowledge will be preferred.
  • It should be clearly stated how much time can be spared for APM.



  • Submit your complete application at least two months prior to the date you want to start the internship. Early applications are preferred and will be evaluated accordingly. Due to the large number of applications received, only candidates who pass the pre-selection will be contacted.
  • Applications will be made via info@apm.org.tr