Lausanne Day


Last Sunday was the anniversary of Lausanne. The 99th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne.

The Treaty of Lausanne is the work of the cadre that started our war of liberation by rejecting the Treaty of Sèvres (Sevres) imposed on the defeated Ottoman Empire in the First World War and crowned that war with victory.

Atatürk and Inönü.

You know the “two drunkards”. Here they are…

After the Mudanya armistice signed at the end of the War of Independence, the Ankara government was invited to the peace conference to be held in October 1922. Along with the Ankara government, the Allies also invited the sultanate in Istanbul to the conference.

However, in Sabahattin Selek’s words, the “Anatolian Revolution” was the name of a national movement that was not only limited to defeating the enemy, but also rebelled against the Ottoman state.

What was the Istanbul government, which was against the national struggle, doing in the negotiations for the peace treaty that would crown the war of liberation? The sultan’s men who signed a death warrant against Mustafa Kemal and his comrades-in-arms?

Then the Turkish Grand National Assembly abolished the sultanate on 1 November 1922. And the Ankara government participated in Lausanne with the delegation of the Turkish Grand National Assembly led by İsmet İnönü.

When they arrived at Lausanne, they tried to treat Turkey as the loser of the First World War. However, İsmet Pasha marked the psychological background of the conference from the very beginning by saying “I came here from Mudanya, not from Mondros”.

So, instead of the Ottoman Empire, which was the loser of the World War, there was now Turkey, the winner of the War of Independence. Turkey is not a defeated country, it is the equal of everyone there.
The negotiations in Lausanne were interrupted for a while, mainly due to the issue of capitulations, among other issues. The conference was suspended.

The negotiations in Lausanne were a contentious conference that opened with the attitude of the Entente States looking down on the Turkish representatives, interrupted with the righteous attitude of the Turkish delegation that did not submit to the impositions, and was the scene of difficult negotiations that could be read as a lesson in diplomacy….

The sources, which are written in a simple manner that anyone who can read and write can understand, explain what a great diplomatic success the Turkish Grand National Assembly government led by Mustafa Kemal and its representative in Lausanne, İsmet İnönü, achieved in Lausanne…

Lausanne is the founding treaty of the Republic of Turkey. It is one of the most important legal texts of modern history.

From time to time, some claims are put forward that Lausanne will be invalid in 2023, when it will complete its centenary.

Lausanne is not an international treaty with an expiry date.

It is a document of victory.

Today, there is a considerable group of people in Turkey who say that there are some secret clauses in Lausanne and that because of these secret clauses we will be able to exploit our mines, which we have not been able to exploit until today, only after 2023.

When you ask, “What are they?” they say, “I don’t know, it’s called secret”…
In the street surveys, people are in the mood that “we will soon be liberated, we will exploit our mines and turn the corner”. As if our country has encountered any obstacle in the last hundred years to extract its mines…

In other words, for some, Lausanne is a document of captivity against Turkey… One hundred years will pass, the validity of the treaty will expire and Turkey will be freed from its shackles.

It is not possible to be angry with this ignorant bunch who see Lausanne as a document of bondage. The highest level of the state says, “What did they do to us in history? In 1920, they showed us Sevres, in 1923 they made us agree to Lausanne. And some people tried to sell Lausanne as a victory. Everything is obvious,” doesn’t he say?

Doesn’t a newspaper hostile to all the values and principles represented by the Republic of Turkey headline “99th anniversary of the Lausanne defeat” in a reckless, immoral manner?

“There are secret articles of Lausanne. What are these?” they asked CIMER.

“There are no secret clauses in the Lausanne Peace Treaty, and there is no article that prevents us from mining,” CİMER replied.

But our dear people continue to believe that there are secret clauses in Lausanne. Our dear people who have an opinion without knowledge.

It is a shame of our education system that the masses of people do not know what the Treaty of Lausanne, the founding deed of the Republic of Turkey, is and what it means.

And this shame must be remedied.

Kılıçdaroğlu’s promise that “The first bill we will propose when Parliament opens will be a bill to recognise Lausanne as an official holiday” is important in this respect. If realised, it will constantly remind our nation that Lausanne was not a defeat with secret clauses, but a victory celebrated with a feast.

Thank you Mr Kemal.

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