Today marks the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne. Congratulations to the Turkish nation.

Çanakkale instilled in us the spirit of nationhood under the leadership of the Great and Eternal Leader Atatürk, a genius beyond the ages. The second stop of nationhood was Samsun; the cornerstones were Amasya, Erzurum, Sivas and our unchanging capital Ankara.

The journey from Çanakkale to Ankara was characterised by hardship, countless sacrifices, resistance, blood, sweat and tears.

The Treaty of Sèvres, which the imperialist powers wanted to impose on the Turkish nation and which aimed to trap us in Central Anatolia, was thrown into the dustbin of history at Lausanne. The Turkish nation knew how to overcome its misfortune with its own blood and life.

The nation, which found its soul at Gallipoli, transformed into a nation-state with the Treaty of Lausanne.

İsmet İnönü, who left his dusty boots on the battlefields and participated in the Lausanne negotiations under the supervision of Atatürk, the Great Leader of the War of Independence, and the Veteran Assembly, displayed all the skills of diplomacy as the Chief Representative of an independent, sovereign, equal, free and respected nation. We left Lausanne with our heads held high, with pride and honour. We will always keep this pride and honour alive.

The Treaty of Lausanne is the international founding document of the Republic of Turkey, which is a modern, contemporary, democratic, secular and social state of law.

The main goal of the Republic of Turkey, which entered the stage of history with this Founding Treaty, is to ensure that individuals with a sense of history and nationhood live forever in a democratic and secular state and society in which inalienable fundamental rights and freedoms are enjoyed, the norms of the rule of law are taken as a basis, and to exceed contemporary civilisation.

In its second century, the Republic of Turkey will undoubtedly advance on the path of modernity with an unshakable will and determination and by holding tightly to the founding values of our Republic entrusted to our youth. Those who think otherwise are doomed to face the fate of the Treaty of Sèvres before history.

We commemorate Atatürk and İsmet İnönü, who gifted us the Treaty of Lausanne, with unwavering love and endless respect on the centenary of our Republic and the Treaty of Lausanne.

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