Author: <span>Namık Tan</span>

Ambassador (R). Served as Turkey’s ambassador in Tel Aviv and Washington. Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson, chief of cabinet for the minister and deputy undersecretary for political affairs in the Foreign Ministry. He joined the Ministry in 1982. Worked in Turkish Embassies in Moscow, Abu Dhabi and trice in Washington.

New Global Mediator : China

In about two months’ time, Turkey will hold perhaps the most important election in the history of the Republic. On the eve of such an election, which will determine the fate of the country, the people are faced with the […]


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On February 6, 2023, two seperate equally destructive earthquakes struck Turkey leaving  behind them an unprecedented loss of life and property. Eleven provinces were devastated. With every stone lifted, the ugly face of bad governance showed itself more clearly and […]


Turkish Israeli Relations: The Lost Decade

The recent history of the Turkish-Israeli relationship, amounts to unnecessary bickering despite a clear convergence of interests. Contrary to popular belief in such critical institutions such as U.S. Congress, the interests of both countries are strongly aligned but ideological disagreements [...]