Vocational Course for 100 Syrian Unemployed Women

More than half of the 2.5 million Syrians living in Turkey are women and children. Ankara Policy Center (APM) has voluntarily held "Vocational Course for 100 Syrian Unemployed Women" in 2015 in order to reduce female unemployment and help them maintain their lives without being dependent on anyone. Syrian unemployed women have attended to the course gratis and expenses of the course are covered by APM. In consequence of the course, Syrian women will be able to provide monetary gain by combining low-cost materials and handicraft in their homes. Within the scope of the project 100 Syrian unemployed women received training in groups of 10 people and trainees have received "Kazaziye" art training from Traditional Handicraft Artisan Sevinç Naldöğen Kök who is working at Turkish Republic, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Research and Education.


* Kazaziye is a Turkish handicraft, in which very thin (0,08 micron- thickness of strand) 24-carat gold or sterling silver wires are wrapped on silk or nylon yarns. During the wrapping process of gold and silver wires, silk yarn remaining inside (twist) is held brickly. As a result, thickness of the finished wire reaches to 03-05 mm.