Ankara Policy Center (APM) was established in January 30, 2012 as a non partisan and independent think tank. APM aims to support the decision making process with evidence-based analytical research. APM contributes to the formulation of innovative strategic options and to the better understanding of social transformations. APM contributes to debates and discusssions at the civil society level and promotes participation in policy making.
The main purpose of APM is to strengthen international communication on domestic and foreign policy issues, to enhance participation in the policy development process and to promote an issue based problem solving approach. APM aims to contribute to the better understanding of the priorities and insights of the countries and peoples of the region.
APM comes up with new ideas and insights by assessing Turkey's strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks faced in the region; and offers alternative strategic options to decision makers. APM aims to support initiatives at achieving peace and democracy  in the Middle East and Caucasus regions by building local, regional and global networks and coalitions among civil society actors. APM cooperates therefore with national and international institutions and organizations sharing the same purpose and values.
APM organizes roundtables, brainstorming meetings, seminars and  conferences on regional and global issues. AMP wants to contribute ultimately to the improvement of Turkey’s strategic communication in its bilateral, regional and multilateral relations by opening up new information and communication channels and setting platforms for debate and mutual exchange.
APM promotes an issue and data based approach in policy making. It generates, analyzes and disseminates information of importance for the societies. APM publishes periodical analysis papers and monthly journals.
More specifically, APM’s experts provide consultancy services to public institutions, international and civil society organizations, trade unions and businesses. In this regard, APM prepares analytical reports, conduct fact finding missions and need assessments, supports project planning, implementation and monitoring. APM can additionally provide institutions and organizations with educational services in international governance, governmental relations, economy, law, social sciences and security.
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